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Amber Heard Suffers Fan Boycott Over Her Appearance in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

The controversy and debate over Hollywood actress, Amber Heard appearing in Warner Bros’ Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom rages on even as movie fans all over the world have taken a concrete stance to boycott Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom if the Warner Bros decide to proceed to retian her extended screen time in the movie.

At the moment, the actress is receiving a barrage of negative feedback as a direct result of her extended screen time in the second installment of the Aquaman saga.

Mera (the character played by Heard) was given more screen time by Warner Bros. during the production of the film. After several weeks of uncertainty, the company decided to expand her presence.

This is in contrast to reports that she would be cut from the film as a result of the media backlash resulting from the lawsuit. During the legal proceedings, she even mentioned it.

According to different sources, Heard would go from having 10 minutes of screen-time to about 20-25 in the film’s runtime.

On June 8, Undercover Audience dropped a tweet that read:

“Just got a confirmation that the latest #Aquaman2 test screening that was held today still had Amber Heard from start to finish. Probably WB is testing the waters with the public now that the trial is over. Screentime approximately around 20-25 mins. #AquamanAndTheLostKingdom”

This instatly left many followers upset as they asked Warner Bros for a change regarding this measure. The wave of comments showing their disagreement was immediate.

The hashtag #boycottaquaman2 quickly became a trend on the Twitter platform, with many highlighting their disagreement with this decision.

A few weeks ago, fans already asked Warner Bros that Amber Heard not appear in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. A proposal on reached more than 4 million signatures.

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