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John Malkovich Wishes He Had More Years to Spend with His Granddaughter

Renowned actor John Malkovich, known for his iconic roles in films like ‘Being John Malkovich’ and ‘Con Air,’ shares his sentiments on ageing and family, expressing a wish for more time with his young granddaughter.

In an interview with Closer US magazine, the 70-year-old actor candidly revealed his desire to be younger to spend additional years with his granddaughter, who is approaching the age of two. Malkovich emphasized that while he has no regrets about growing older, the opportunity to witness his granddaughter’s growth remains a cherished wish.

Reflecting on his legacy, Malkovich emphasized the importance of being remembered by his loved ones for his love and laughter rather than as a solitary figure. Despite facing financial setbacks, including the loss of his life savings to the infamous Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff, Malkovich maintains a positive outlook on life, acknowledging the value of family and resilience in overcoming challenges.

In a previous interview with The Guardian, Malkovich shared insights into navigating financial hardships, highlighting the need to adapt to changes in lifestyle and work commitments. Despite the adversity, Malkovich’s resilience shines through, demonstrating a commitment to cherishing life’s moments and embracing the joy found in family bonds.

As Malkovich continues to navigate life’s journey, his reflections serve as a reminder of the importance of treasuring time with loved ones and finding strength in the face of adversity.

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