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Whoopi Goldberg Discloses Use of Mounjaro Weight-Loss Drug

Veteran actress Whoopi Goldberg has revealed her reliance on the weight-loss drug Mounjaro, citing its assistance in shedding pounds after reaching nearly 300lbs in late 2021. Goldberg, known for her roles in iconic films such as “The Color Purple,” disclosed her weight struggles during an episode of “The View.”

Goldberg, 68, attributed her weight gain to steroid use while filming the movie “Till” in September 2021. Speaking candidly on the talk show, she confessed, “I will tell you, I weighed almost 300lbs when I made ‘Till,’ and I had taken all those steroids, I was on all this stuff, and one of the things that’s helped me drop the weight is the Mounjaro –– that’s what I use.”

The actress acknowledged her fluctuating weight over the years but emphasized that maintaining a trim figure had never been a priority until recently. She stressed the importance of personal responsibility in monitoring one’s body, acknowledging that weight loss could be challenging for others, especially as age takes its toll.

Goldberg’s co-host on “The View,” Sunny Hostin, 55, also admitted to using Mounjaro after gaining 40lbs during the Covid lockdowns. Hostin, a lawyer, shared her experience of facing criticism and shame before deciding to address her weight gain.

The disclosure of Goldberg and Hostin’s use of Mounjaro highlights the ongoing struggle many face with weight management, prompting discussions surrounding body image, self-care, and societal perceptions.

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