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‘Anti-Woke’ Superhero Film Gets Cancelled After Losing All Its Fans’ Donations

Superhero fans on the far-right political spectrum have one less movie to get excited about, putting their options for hateful heroes to—well—none.

As first reported by The Daily Beast, a movie that was set to give us a big-screen rendition of an “anti-woke superhero” is shuttered, and the thousands of dollars fans invested in the project likely won’t be coming back to them, according to a video sent to fans and posts on the creator’s blog.

The film, called Rebel’s Run, was headed by exemplar of right-wing harassment campaigns Theodore Beale, who goes by “Vox Day” online.

The movie was meant to be based on a comic series which is published under Beale’s own Arkhaven comics brand, and the movie featured one of the characters who wore a Confederate battle flag in the same style as DC’s Wonder Woman.

Though the trailer for the movie is no longer available, The Daily Beast described the action as the main character “Rebel” fighting off a global police force meant to hunt down conservative voices.

The campaign started in 2019, claiming around $941,000 in funds through their own campaign hosted on their film company’s page.

Beale reportedly told his fans “I wouldn’t count on us getting that money back.” Gizmodo reached out to Beale for comment but we did not immediately hear back. Beale mentioned in the video that his movie was conned by a separate party, even alleging the scheme was meant to disrupt his endeavor and “break our community.”

In an Oct. 13 post on Beale’s blog, the right-wing figurehead mentioned that there is “legitimate possibility” that the security deposit would be returned, but they won’t see any possible funds until the person who allegedly scammed them is sentenced.

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