Birdman Shares Insights on Evolution of Hip Hop, Cautions Against Dangers of Social Media

As a pivotal figure in shaping the trajectory of Hip Hop, Birdman, the renowned founder of Cash Money Records, has offered his perspective on the current landscape of the genre, particularly addressing the question of whether Hip Hop has softened since its heyday in the 1990s.

In an interview with Steve-O’s Wild Ride! released on Tuesday (April 16), Birdman candidly responded to queries about the perceived shift in the culture. He adamantly refuted the notion that Hip Hop has become “soft,” emphasizing the differences between the industry during his ascent in the ’90s and the contemporary scene dominated by social media.

Reflecting on the bygone era, Birdman remarked, “We was cool back then without social media, now these young n-ggas killing — it’s a different operation. You just got to know how to adjust either way. It’s a different time, from then to now.”

The music mogul underscored the impact of social media on interpersonal conflicts within the industry, highlighting the newfound visibility and immediacy of disputes. He lamented the escalation of tensions fueled by online platforms, expressing concern over the real-life consequences, including loss of life, stemming from virtual feuds.

Indeed, recent events have underscored Birdman’s observations regarding the perils of social media entanglements within the Hip Hop community. Rick Ross, a prominent rapper, dragged Birdman into his public spat with Drake, leveraging social media to air grievances and make pointed jabs at the Cash Money Records co-founder.

Ross alleged financial difficulties faced by Birdman, referencing past foreclosure proceedings on one of his properties and suggesting ongoing financial struggles. These claims echoed across social media platforms, spotlight the intersection of personal disputes and financial scrutiny within the industry’s online sphere.

The saga serves as a cautionary tale, illustrating the potential ramifications of airing grievances and perpetuating conflicts through social media channels. Birdman’s insights into the evolving landscape of Hip Hop offer a sobering reminder of the need for vigilance and responsibility in navigating the complexities of fame and industry dynamics in the digital age.

Listen to Baby talk about the modern landscape of rap at the 34:22 mark below.

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