Blood Is Love

“blood is thicker than water” so the saying goes,
Literarily and figuratively, it is what every body knows,
I was hell bent on making this water turn to blood,
Because love is blood and blood is love.

Casting my mind back to the days of old,
Hot blooded youths we were, strong and bold;
Facing every challenge with our youthful exuberance;
Though it all started not long ago, time flies as if i’m in a trance.

Chances we overlooked and the risk that we took
Making our romance story worthy of a book;
On a normal circumstance the foundation of our love would be shakin’,
But we endured through it all, now there’s no more hurt and achin’.
Our faith in our feelings would have been long gone,
See what we are, two has become one.

Now this water has turned to blood;
because blood is love and love is blood.

Oh hi there 👋
It’s nice to meet you.

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