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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reveals Three Ways to Achieve Balance

With over 59 movies under his belt, Hollywood sensation, The Rock (born Dwayne Johnson) has quite a hectic schedule yet the actor has come out to share three things that everyone needs to do to achieve what he called ‘balance.’

This balance, according to Dwayne Johnson translates into your individual capacity to strike a balance between your personal and professional life. He was quick attribute the core of this balance to communication and discipline.

Speaking on how he achieves and maintains this balance, he said:

Take Care of Yourself

You probably have heard this several times. But this goes beyond a fancy skincare routine and eating clean. Adult life comes with quite some demands all at once! Having your mind and body well catered to is one of your best bets to take that bull by the horn. So, get enough sleep, take out time to disconnect, feed your mind with positivity, do not procrastinate on doctor appointments – you really don’t have to be sick first, do things that make you happy and prioritize growing in spheres that concern you. “You’ve got to take care of the thing that allows you to do what you do, and that thing is you,” he says.

Prioritize the Pain of Discipline

The Rock also holds that applying discipline is important. Not just with self care, it takes discipline to do things that are worthwhile. It would take discipline to grow in your career and manage your personal life. It would also take a lot of discipline and time management to ensure that one does not suffer because of the other.


Finally, communication is key. Keeping everyone informed really aids with maintaining a balance in most spheres. It also helps in situations of difficulty. If you ever do find yourself in a fix, talking about it to the right person would go a long way. “If you communicate with others around you, like, hey guys I need help finding my balance, you’d be surprised how fast people come to help you,” he added.

Watch the clip below.

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