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Elon Musk Can Opt Out of Twitter Purchase Amid New Whistleblower’s Wild Claims

Twitter’s former Had of Security, Peiter Zatko has become a whistleblower after he accused the company of having major security problems, as reported by Marca.

Interestingly, this has become the single most important finding for American billionaire, Elon Musk’s legal team that was attempting to get their client out of buying the company.

Recall that Musk decided to back down from the $44 billion purchase claiming he had security concerns that Twitter wasn’t able to respond with full transparency.

Zatko, however, decided to approach The Washington Post and CNN as a public whistleblower to denounce these foul practices in the company. This disclosure wasn’t only sent to the previously mentioned media outlets, that is only the tip of the iceberg for Twitter.

Both Congress and federal agencies received a full disclosure of this whistleblower as it represents a major breach in national security and democracy.

The information also details how some of Twitter’s highest-ranked executives have been trying to cover up the vulnerabilities that the platform has. The company’s urgency to sell the company to Elon Musk makes a lot more sense now that we know about this information.

In fact, the most damning information is that one of more of the company’s current employees could in fact be working for a foreign intelligence service. If this is the case, massive arrests will surely happen on Twitter.

But more importantly, Elon Musk can easily get out of buying the platform.

In the disclosure, the whistleblower confirmed a troubling scenario where Twitter does not fully delete a person’s data if they choose to delete their account.

Many cases even confirmed that Twitter lost track of this data, something that comes as misleading information to regulators who believed Twitter was deleting all of it.

Zatko also alleges that Twitter doesn’t have the resources to successfully delete nor understand the true number of bots in the platform.

This has been Elon Musk’s main talking point when opting out of the purchase. The whistleblower was fired in January claiming poor performance and ineffective leadership on his behalf.

They consider Zatko’s claims are oportunistic and are designed to inflict harm on the company.

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