Meet the Top 10 Europe’s Bathing Spots

A new report released this week by the European Environment Agency (EEA) reveals that almost 85% of its bathing sites now rank as “excellent.”

This marks an improvement in the quality of Europe’s bathing waters in recent decades.

According to the annual Bathing Water Report, nearly 22,000 inland and coastal swimming spots across EU member states, Albania and Switzerland were monitored in 2021. The UK, having left the EU, was absent from the report for the first time.

Meanwhile, the landlocked country of Austria, known for its many beautiful lakes including the Alpine waters of Achensee in Tyrol and the emerald-hued Weissensee in Carinthia, is at top of the ranking, with 97.7% of its waters declared excellent.

Belos is the official list of the top 10 bathing spots in Europe

Europe’s Cleanest Bathing Waters

  1. Austria (97.7%)
  2. Malta (96.6%)
  3. Greece (95.8%)
  4. Croatia (95.7%)
  5. Cyprus (93.3%)
  6. Denmark (91.9%)
  7. Germany (90.4%)
  8. Bulgaria (89.8%)
  9. Lithuania (89.2%)
  10. Portugal (88.5%)

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