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Motivated by God, acclaimed foodie Papa Wemba takes us on a journey through his daily routines, employees, customer relationships, and the development of the papawemba grill brand.

He answered some of our questions:

LBS: Why do you enjoy working in the restaurant industry?
PWG: My dream has always been to work in the hospitality industry, to cater to people and give them good value for their money. I am a foodie, and I know there are others like me. My goal has always been to provide affordable meals for people’s stomachs.

LBS: What does excellent customer service mean to you?
PWG: The ability to listen to your customers and accept constructive or constructively constructive criticism. Reviews are always important to me, and I’m always interested in learning more about my customers. They are the driving force behind my company’s existence. They are the gods here, and I am their subject. Managing people from various backgrounds has not been easy, but God has been faithful.

LBS: How do you handle your mistakes as a restaurant?
PWG: I have a conversation with the affected customer. It may be necessary to provide incentives at times, but I am always remorseful. Our core value is to provide them with good value for their money.

LBS: What’s your greatest strength as a restaurant?
PWG: My greatest strength is my ability to communicate effectively, to be creative, and to provide services that are within a customer’s budget.

LBS: How Do You Stay Motivated in Your Work?
PWG: God is my motivator.

LBS: What is Your Daily Routine? What are some of the things you do daily in your restaurants?
PWG: I get up at 5 a.m., go to YouTube to learn a few things, and then rush to the market to get some recipes to work with. I check my business page for orders, confirm payment for each order, and then begin cooking.

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