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Police Employ GPS-Tracking Darts for Fleeing Vehicles to Curb High-Speed Pursuits

Law enforcement agencies nationwide are embracing innovative technology to mitigate the risks associated with high-speed pursuits, opting for GPS-tracking darts as a safer alternative to dangerous chases.

Inspired by tactics often seen in spy thrillers, police departments like the Old Westbury Police Department in New York are equipping their cruisers with vehicle-mounted launchers designed to deploy foam projectiles containing heat-activated adhesive and GPS tracking capabilities. Developed by StarChase, these non-lethal darts adhere to fleeing vehicles upon impact, allowing officers to monitor their movements in real time without engaging in a pursuit.

The system, embraced by departments in Washington, Texas, Michigan, and Tennessee, aims to reduce the potential for harm to both officers and civilians during car chases. However, concerns have been raised regarding its legality under the Fourth Amendment, with experts emphasizing the importance of using the technology judiciously to respect constitutional rights.

While GPS-tracking darts offer a promising solution to minimize the need for high-speed pursuits, their effectiveness hinges on various factors, including the severity of the alleged crime and the ability of law enforcement to deploy the darts successfully. Additionally, there are concerns that criminals may adapt their behaviour to evade detection, underscoring the ongoing debate surrounding privacy and law enforcement tactics.

As police continue to explore innovative approaches to public safety, the use of GPS tracking darts represents a significant step towards reducing the risks associated with vehicular pursuits while navigating the complex intersection of technology, privacy, and law enforcement practices.

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