Rema Strikes Back at Critics with New Single “HEHEHE”

After the smashing success of “BENIN BOYS” with Shallipopi, Nigerian artist Rema is back with another infectious track titled “HEHEHE.” This new single isn’t just a catchy tune; it’s a powerful declaration of dominance and a direct response to his critics.

Rema collaborated with talented producers such as Producer X, Cubeatz, Deats, and Klimperboy, and even stepped into the role of co-producer himself. This move showcases his multifaceted talent and growing artistic maturity, allowing him to have greater control over his musical direction.

From the opening line, “Monday morning talking ’bout me while I’m making money, hehehehehe,” Rema sets the tone with a confident and playful rebuttal to his detractors. The infectious laughter woven throughout the song serves as a reminder that their negativity only fuels his success.

In the track, Rema boldly claims, “No more big 3, there’s now a big 4,” positioning himself among the top Afrobeats artists globally. This assertive statement is sure to spark conversations within the music industry.

Rema doesn’t hesitate to flaunt his achievements. With lyrics like “Account balance don dey resemble dem politician,” he humorously mocks his haters, suggesting that his wealth rivals that of corrupt politicians. This braggadocious yet playful swagger makes the track extremely catchy.

One of Rema’s strengths is his willingness to experiment with his sound. “HEHEHE” exemplifies this with its fresh and innovative style, ensuring his music remains exciting and keeps him at the forefront of the Afrobeats scene.

With “BENIN BOYS” and “HEHEHE” now released, fans are eagerly anticipating Rema’s next move. These two tracks hint at a larger project in the works, whether it’s an EP or a full-length album. One thing is certain: a new Rema body of work is on the way.

Listen to HEHEHE here.

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