2025 Infiniti QX80

This New SUV’s Stereo Lets You Make Phone Calls Your Passengers Can’t Hear

Infiniti, the luxury division of Nissan, has introduced a groundbreaking feature in its latest full-sized SUV, offering drivers the ability to take phone calls without interrupting passengers’ music.

The newly revealed Infiniti QX80 boasts a sophisticated stereo system developed in collaboration with Panasonic Automotive and Klipsch, renowned for its premium speakers. This innovative technology allows only the driver to hear incoming calls, ensuring privacy during conversations while allowing passengers to continue enjoying music uninterrupted.

Traditionally, luxury car manufacturers have emphasized high-end audio systems, partnering with renowned brands like Burmeister, McIntosh, and Bang & Olufson to enhance the driving experience. However, Infiniti’s QX80 sets itself apart with its advanced sound isolation system, surpassing competitors in terms of functionality and convenience.

2025 Infiniti QX80
2025 Infiniti QX80

The system utilizes a combination of strategic speaker placement and cutting-edge sound-cancelling technology to create a quiet environment around the driver. Speakers mounted in the headrests of the driver and front passenger seats deliver phone calls exclusively to the driver, isolating them from the surrounding music playing in the vehicle.

Unlike conventional sound-cancelling methods, which primarily target continuous background noise, the QX80’s system adapts to dynamic music tracks, ensuring effective call masking without compromising audio quality. This groundbreaking approach enhances passenger comfort and privacy, setting a new standard for in-car communication.

2025 Infiniti QX80
2025 Infiniti QX80

During a demonstration in Manhattan, the efficacy of the system was evident as passengers remained oblivious to incoming calls while immersed in music. Meanwhile, the driver experienced clear phone conversations without interference from the surrounding environment.

However, the call-masking feature only activates when music is playing on the stereo. In instances where music is absent, passengers may still hear the driver’s calls, albeit at reduced volume.

Despite this limitation, Infiniti’s innovative stereo system represents a significant advancement in automotive technology, offering drivers unprecedented control over in-car communication and enhancing the overall luxury driving experience.

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