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Watch Shaquille O’Neal Behind the Scene With L.A Rap Group Coyote for ‘3 Lokos’

Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal is making headlines in the music world once again as he teams up with the L.A.-based rap group, Coyote, for an exciting new song and music video titled “3 Lokos.” In a behind-the-scenes glimpse of this epic collaboration, Shaq’s involvement is set to bring a fresh wave of excitement to the rap scene.

Coyote, consisting of rappers Ladies Love Guapo and Ricky Blanco, shared their enthusiasm about working with Shaq. The rap duo revealed that Shaquille had been a fan of their work for some time, laying the foundation for this unique musical partnership.

Ladies Love Guapo explained, “[Shaq] was like, as long as it’s some hardcore stuff, I’m down. So we made a hardcore hip-hop ’90s-type song, and we thought, ‘Bro, let’s send it to Shaq.’ He got on it, did his thing, he spit like 32 bars. He went off!”

Impressed by the beats and lyrics, Shaquille O’Neal swiftly responded by contributing his own verse to the track, showing his passion for the project.

“Four hours later, he FaceTimed us, and he showed us his verse, and he went crazy! He’s rapping better than 90% of rappers out there,” they exclaimed.

Shaquille’s commitment to the collaboration extended beyond the recording studio. He made a charismatic appearance during the music video shoot, adding a touch of his legendary charisma to the project.

While “3 Lokos” marks the first collaboration between Coyote and Diesel (Shaq), it is only the beginning of this exciting partnership. Ricky Blanco revealed that they have already recorded a second song with Shaq and have ambitious plans for releasing more music in the near future. Additionally, they intend to work on a beat produced by Shaquille O’Neal himself.

Apart from his legendary basketball career, Shaquille O’Neal has made an impressive impact in the music industry, collaborating with icons such as Jay-Z, Nas, and Biggie. With “3 Lokos” and his forthcoming music projects, it’s evident that Shaq is still a formidable force in the rap world, bringing his unique energy and talent to every endeavor. Stay tuned for the release of “3 Lokos” and more exciting music from this dynamic collaboration.

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