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Elon Musk Says AI Will Take All Our Jobs

Elon Musk, the tech visionary and entrepreneur, foresees a future where artificial intelligence (AI) will render traditional employment obsolete, a notion he believes isn’t necessarily negative.

Speaking remotely at the VivaTech 2024 conference in Paris, Musk painted a picture of a world where jobs become “optional,” with AI and robots fulfilling most goods and services requirements.

“In all likelihood, none of us will have jobs,” Musk remarked, envisioning a scenario where individuals engage in work more akin to hobbies, while AI-driven technologies cater to essential needs.

Musk emphasized the necessity of “universal high income,” a concept distinct from universal basic income (UBI), without specifying its exact nature. This system would ensure a constant supply of goods and services without job-related shortages.

Despite the rapid advancement of AI capabilities, concerns linger regarding its responsible use and the potential impact on various industries and employment sectors.

While Musk expressed concerns about AI, citing it as his greatest fear, he also praised its potential, referencing Ian Banks’ “Culture Book Series” as an insightful exploration of AI-driven societies.

However, Musk questioned the existential implications of a jobless future, pondering whether individuals would find meaning in a world where machines excel at every task. He suggested that humans might play a role in imbuing AI with purpose.

During his address, Musk also urged parental vigilance regarding children’s exposure to social media, cautioning against excessive use due to its influence on young minds by dopamine-maximizing AI algorithms.

As AI continues to shape the future landscape of work and society, Musk’s insights underscore the need for careful consideration of its ethical and societal ramifications.

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