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Gerrard’s Crazy Fines at Aston Villa: £200 a Minute For Being Late

Aston Villa coach, Steven Gerrard has laid down strict rules and fines for the incoming season and he expects his players to adhere to the rules to avoid getting fined.

According to a leak, the former Liverpool midfielder has highlighted some hefty fines for all Aston Villa players as he looks to instill discipline.

For instance, arriving late to training attracts a fine of fine of 500 pounds (around 594 euros).

Similarly, arriving late to training camp or a meeting will mean paying 200 pounds (237 euros) per minute.

Should this delay occur on a matchday, the amount jumps to a fixed rate of 1,000 pounds (1,188 euros).

Aston Villa rules and fines

The Birthday Cake Rule

One of the weird rules on the list is the birthday cake rule where players will pay a fine of 50 pounds (59 euros) for forgetting to bring a birthday cake.

Another bizarre one is the shower rule. This rule states that getting into the shower barefooted will earn the erring player a fine of 100 pounds (119 euros), with players forced to wear flip-flops.

No Room For Disorderliness

If a player is given a yellow card for protesting, the penalty is a 200 pounds fine. Meanwhile, if a player were to receive a red card, the penalty entails taking the entire squad out for dinner for the four weeks that the player is suspended for.

Still on the fines, if a player does not pick up a piece of training gear or the cutlery and plates from the table after eating, they will have to pay 100 pounds for each infringement.

The same fine is also applicable for parking violations.

One of the most bizarre rules is the one that sees players having to wear a jersey with the text ‘I was the worst in training’ if they are the worst player in training before a game.

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