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Ice Cube Voices Disdain for Rapper Feuds, Questlove Laments Decline of Hip Hop Ethics

Ice Cube, the iconic rapper known for his pioneering work in N.W.A and solo career, recently expressed his distaste for witnessing rap beefs, acknowledging their presence in the industry but cautioning against their potentially dangerous consequences.

In a recent interview with Canada’s E-Talk, Ice Cube reflected on the evolution of rap feuds, citing the heightened stakes and global reach of contemporary beefs compared to those of the past. While acknowledging that beefs have historically been a part of the hip-hop landscape, he emphasized the need for caution, noting the potential for escalation into violence.

“Beefs are volatile. You always have to be careful that a beef doesn’t turn into a murder,” Ice Cube remarked. “Back in the day, you’d do a diss record, but it would stay somewhat in the Hip Hop community. Now, it’s all over the world. All walks of life know what’s going on. And some people can’t really take that kind of humiliation. I don’t really like seeing rappers beef.”

Ice Cube’s sentiments echo those of Questlove, the renowned drummer of The Roots, who recently criticized the intense rap battle between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. In an Instagram post, Questlove lamented the degradation of ethical standards in hip hop, particularly in the context of the highly publicized feud.

“Nobody won the war,” Questlove wrote. “This wasn’t about skill. This was a wrestling match level mudslinging and takedown by any means necessary — women & children (& actual facts) be damned.”

Questlove’s critique extended to the conduct of both rappers, condemning their use of scandalous and unsubstantiated allegations involving each other’s family members in their diss tracks.

“Same audience wanting blood will soon put up ‘rip’ posts like they weren’t part of the problem. Hip Hop truly is dead,” he concluded.

In challenging both Kendrick Lamar and Drake to elevate their moral standards, Questlove invoked the iconic line, “Here We Are Now…Entertain us?” highlighting the need for a return to the ethical principles that once defined hip hop culture.

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