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Lil’ Kim Sparks Speculation with Teased Adidas Collab Featuring Rumored Younger Boyfriend

Fans of hip-hop icon Lil’ Kim were left buzzing with speculation after the rapper teased an upcoming collaboration with Adidas, accompanied by her rumoured younger boyfriend, 24-year-old Tayy Brown.

Taking to Instagram live on Saturday (April 13), the renowned MC offered a glimpse into the exclusive partnership, flaunting a custom Adidas top crafted specifically for her.

“It was a really nice Adidas party. You see this? This is Adidas,” Lil’ Kim exclaimed during the live stream. “This shit is fire bro… I’m not gonna lie, I like this shot. They kind of, like, gave me the fire shit. The most custom-made shit. We got some really secret shit going on. With Adidas. Adidas.”

However, fans couldn’t help but notice Brown’s presence, raising eyebrows and prompting a flurry of reactions on social media.

“He look like a kid girl bye,” remarked one user, while another questioned, “Who child is this? And why is she lightskin?” A third commenter expressed concern over Lil’ Kim’s choice of partner, stating, “The fetish for dating half their age is concerning.”

Rumours of romance between Lil’ Kim and Tayy Brown first emerged in February, gaining traction as the rapper penned a heartfelt message to the burgeoning artist on social media.

In her Instagram post, Lil’ Kim celebrated Brown’s birthday and praised their deep connection, attributing it to divine intervention. She shared anecdotes of their bond, describing Brown as her motivation and confidant, and expressed pride in their partnership, both personally and professionally.

While Lil’ Kim’s teased collaboration with Adidas has piqued curiosity among fans, the presence of her rumoured younger boyfriend continues to fuel speculation about the nature of their relationship.

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