Boeing Tells Pilots to Check Seats After Latam Plane Incident

In the aftermath of an alarming incident on a Latam Airlines flight, Boeing has advised airlines operating 787 Dreamliners to conduct thorough seat inspections, citing a potential safety concern.

The development follows an unsettling episode earlier this week, where a sudden descent during a Latam Airlines flight left approximately 50 passengers injured. According to reports by The Wall Street Journal, the incident occurred when a flight attendant inadvertently activated a switch on the pilot’s seat, causing the pilot to be propelled into the controls, resulting in the plane’s nose being forced downward.

Passengers on the flight, travelling from Australia to New Zealand, endured a harrowing experience as the abrupt descent caused individuals to be thrown against the aircraft’s ceiling. Brian Jokat, a passenger on the flight, recounted witnessing severe head injuries among fellow travellers and described how some individuals were forcefully propelled into the ceiling, with roof panels sustaining damage as a result.

In response to the incident, Boeing has emphasized the ongoing investigation into Flight LA800 and has deferred to investigative authorities regarding any potential findings. Additionally, the company has taken proactive measures by reminding 787 operators of a service bulletin issued in 2017, which includes directives for inspecting and maintaining switches on flight deck seats.

Boeing’s advisory recommends that operators conduct inspections of these switches at their earliest maintenance opportunity to ensure continued safety standards.

Meanwhile, Latam Airlines has pledged its full cooperation with authorities in the ongoing investigation, reaffirming its commitment to supporting efforts to ascertain the cause of the incident.

The affected aircraft, scheduled to continue its journey from Auckland to Santiago, Chile, had its departure canceled following the incident. Passengers were accommodated on a subsequent flight scheduled for Tuesday.

This incident adds to a series of safety concerns surrounding Boeing aircraft, including a separate incident in January involving a door panel detachment, and the recent passing of a former Boeing employee known for raising concerns about production standards. These incidents underscore the importance of stringent safety protocols and ongoing vigilance within the aviation industry.

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