Busta Rhymes and 2Pac

Busta Rhymes Recalls 2Pac’s Remarkable Songwriting Session with Seven Tracks on Same Beat

In a recent episode of Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson’s All the Smoke podcast, Busta Rhymes delved into his memories of collaborating with the late 2Pac, shedding light on a unique studio session where the iconic rapper crafted multiple songs to a single beat.

Reflecting on their creative partnership, Busta described 2Pac’s post-Atlanta return, marked by heightened paranoia due to perceived threats from law enforcement. Amidst this tense atmosphere, Busta witnessed a remarkable display of artistic prowess as 2Pac penned seven distinct songs, all set to the same Isley Brothers sample.

Expressing his initial bewilderment at 2Pac’s approach, Busta marvelled at the rapper’s ability to extract diverse narratives from a single musical canvas. Despite his own fatigue with the repetitive beat, Busta acknowledged the unparalleled creativity and dedication exhibited by 2Pac during the session.

This revelation adds a new dimension to 2Pac’s multifaceted artistry and sheds light on his relentless pursuit of lyrical expression amidst personal turmoil and external pressures.

In related revelations, Lil Cease, formerly of Junior M.A.F.I.A., disclosed Biggie Smalls’ intention to enlist Busta Rhymes and Nas for a collaborative track aimed at 2Pac during their infamous feud in the mid-’90s.

However, the project, titled “The Ugliest” and produced by Q-Tip, never materialized fully, with Busta, Nas, and others failing to contribute their verses. Ultimately, concerns over escalating East Coast-West Coast tensions led to the shelving of the track, although Biggie’s verse later resurfaced posthumously on “Dangerous MCs” from his album Born Again.

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