Cardi b and Snoop Dogg

Cardi B Pushes Back Against Claims of Skin Color Advantage, Cites Snoop Dogg as Example

Cardi B has addressed claims suggesting that her career has been propelled by her skin color, using rapper Snoop Dogg as an example to counter the argument.

The controversy arose after a social media influencer labelled the Bronx rap star as “ghetto” despite not being “visibly Black.”

During an Instagram Live session, Cardi B, who is of Dominican and Trinidadian descent, confronted the criticism directly, asserting her hard work and business acumen as key factors in her success.

“Many artists come in various skin tones, light-skinned or dark-skinned, yet not all receive the same opportunities. You wanna know why?” she exclaimed. “Because many people simply don’t understand how to market themselves. They lack the necessary skills. I’ve hustled for years. I’ve worked in a strip club. I believe I understand the strategies needed to thrive and make money.”

Rejecting the notion of benefiting from her light skin, Cardi B referenced Snoop Dogg, highlighting his success despite having a darker complexion and his affiliation with the Crips gang.

“Or maybe it’s just innate. Just like Snoop Dogg,” she argued. “Since some individuals want to portray me as a gang-affiliated, ghetto woman. Well, guess what? Snoop Dogg is a gangster from the Crips. And guess what? He secures lucrative brand deals because we understand how to shape our image.”

Cardi B had previously expressed frustration over comments about her ethnicity and upbringing in a Twitter rant, emphasizing that she continues to face derogatory remarks despite her achievements.

“It’s absurd because even after achieving fame, people called me ghetto, criticized my accent, deemed me unintelligent because of my speech, accused me of lacking refinement, scrutinized my appearance, my hairstyles, my mannerisms… and to this day, I’m still labeled as a stripper simply because of my background,” she lamented.

“Individuals misjudge me because apparently, I’m loud and come from a ‘ghetto’ background. They call me names and stereotype me… When I engaged in discussions with Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, they labeled me as a ghetto stripper. Why is it that you use me for your comparisons only when you see the success but turn a blind eye to the constant criticism I face?”

In conclusion, she urged critics to refrain from involving her in their discourse: “LEAVE ME TF ALONE AND OUT OF YALL BULLSHIT.”
Ice Spice, who was previously rumored to be at odds with Cardi, eventually stepped into the spat to diffuse the situation.

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