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Dish Spotlight: Black Risotto From Croatia

Black risotto is popular along Croatia’s coast, and features a tasty mix of cuttlefish or squid, olive oil, garlic, red wine and squid ink. Called “crni rižot” by Croatians, it is known for turning people’s teeth black.

Other beloved regional dishes include pasticada, a mix of tender beer and gnocchi that’s a staple in the region of Dalmatia.

No matter where you go in Croatia, expect to find a lot of olive oil; there’s a reason it’s referred to (accurately) as “Mediterranean liquid gold.”

Popular in the Dalmatian Islands, this risotto is dyed black by breaking the cuttlefishes’ ink sacs onto the rice near the end of the cooking process

Why is Risotto So Special?

One reason why risotto is preferred at most Italian households is that it’s very a very simple and a hearty rich dish. Not only is it simple in its composition, but also easy to prepare and versatile in terms of how it can be customized to taste sensibilities.

Source: Belgian Boys | Theoterra

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