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Muhammad Ali’s Team Sends Touching Gift to Israel Adesanya After Losing His UFC Title

Losing the Middleweight title against Alex Pereira brought the very best of Israel Adesanya, who showed the best version of himself in the face of defeat as reported by Marca.

Another great in combat sports was the legendary Muhammad Ali, he too showed great personality and grace when he lost his title back in 1971.

The late champion’s team and family tend to always follow other champions who follow Ali’s philosophy.

Adesanya fit this description perfectly and got himself an unexpected surprise from the champ. Even from the afterlife, Muhammad Ali keeps offering lessons of wisdom.

Adesanya was part of various podcasts and shows after the fight, he never spoke ill of Pereira nor was he a sore loser.

Quite the opposite. Izzy showed grace and he was always grateful for life he’s lived so far in the UFC.

As a response from this, Muhammad Ali’s team sent him a message from the late champ that read:

“It’s a good feeling to lose. The people who follow you are going ot lose, too. You got to set an example of how to lose.This way they can se how I lose. It’ll be old news a week from now. Plane crashes, a president assassinated, a civil rights leader assassinated, people forget in two weeks. Old news.”

This statement came from Muhammad Ali at a hospital, right after he lost the legendary ‘Fight of the Century’ against Joe Frazier. During the spring of 1971, Madison Square Garden was also filled to see Ali fight against Joe.

It was deemed ‘The Fight of the Century’ because both boxers were coming with an undefeated record. Ali was 31-0 and Frazier was 26-0 at the time. Joe ended up winning the fight by unanimous decision after a 15-round battle.

After that loss, Ali would go on to reclaim his title two more times. With this gift from the late champ’s team, the intention is to motivate Adesanya to not give up on his quest for greatness.

Israel Adesanya Already Vowed to Return for the Title
During one of his appearances in a podcast after the fight, Israel Adesanya confirmed he will try to fight Pereira again. He is convinced that he can beat the Brazilian, although it won’t be easy.
Also, Izzy told comedian Andrew Schulz that he will fight Pereira regardless of whether he still has the Middleweight belt or not. For Adesanya, defeating Alex Pereira is far more important than getting his title back.

This rivalry has turned personal for Izzy and he won’t rest until he gets to defeat the Brazilian. Muhammad Ali also got his rematch against Frazier in 1974 at Madison Square Garden, he won his title back after 12 round via unanimous decision.

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