Ultimate Travel Packing List: 15 Essentials to Pack for Long-Term Travel

Packing for a lengthy trip might be difficult. When you’re traveling to several locations for a lengthy period of time, it’s difficult to forecast what you’ll need. While having everything you need in a backpack while traveling long term is a wonderful experience, it may also be a challenge to get everything to fit!

While you’ll want to travel light, you’ll also want to make sure you’re prepared for everything and have everything you’ll need to feel secure, refreshed, and comfortable wherever you go.


A decent backpack is the first item to pack for long-term travel. You’ll most likely be travelling around a lot during your journey. It’s simple to carry all of your stuff on your back, however handling suitcases and various bags while strolling around cities and jumping on and off buses and trains is challenging. Make sure to obtain a backpack with anti-gravity suspension so that your burden seems lighter, and make sure to buy for your gender because women’s backpacks are designed to accommodate the female body, whilst men’s backpacks are designed to distribute weight differently.

2.Towel for Travel

Long-term travel necessitates the use of a travel towel. These travel towels fold up compact and dry rapidly, making them ideal for on-the-go use. You also don’t have to launder them as often as a regular towel, which is fantastic if you don’t have access to a washing machine.

3.Packing Cubes

Things may become dirty quickly when you’re living out of a bag. Packing cubes are for this. They will organize your bags to make finding your items, packing, and unpacking a pleasure. You’ll appreciate how well-organized your bag is as you go from place to place.

4.Neck Wallet

When traveling for an extended period of time, it’s easy to lose sight of your belongings. You want to make sure that your passport and wallet are protected at all times, especially when traveling through bus stops, train stations, and airports. Pickpockets won’t be able to get your passport, debit cards, cash, or documents if you wear this bag under your shirt. RFID shielding is included in this neck wallet to keep e-thieves from collecting your credit card information.

5.Water Bottle with Lifestraw

The necessity of traveling with your own water bottle cannot be overstated. You might easily wind up squandering a lot of money and plastic if you don’t. A Lifestraw water bottle is ideal since it filters and purifies water while you’re on the road, allowing you to drink from any location. Because your water supply may not be trustworthy depending on where you are, a water bottle with a built-in filter is a major benefit.

6.Power Adapter (Universal)

You’ll need a reliable global power adapter if you’re traveling across nations and want to plug in your gadgets anyplace. This gadget is lightweight and tiny, with a built-in fuse to safeguard your electronics during a power surge.

7. Charger on the Go

Whether you spend ten hours on a bus or spend an overnight camping trip somewhere isolated, you’ll almost certainly go without electricity at some point during your journey. This portable charger is small and light, yet it enhances the battery life of your gadgets significantly. It’s a lot easier to go off the usual path when you know you have your own pocket-sized power supply with you!

8. Charcoal that has been activated

When traveling to new nations, you should expect that not all of the new meals you sample will agree with your stomach. In fact, during long-term travel, the stomach is more than likely to be disturbed on a regular basis. Activated charcoal is a stomach hero since it absorbs toxins and aids in rapid recovery. It’s crucial to have on hand while experimenting with various cuisines.

9. Daypack

You’ll need a smaller pack for daytime usage in addition to your larger bag. Daypacks fold up little so they don’t take up any more space in your bigger pack, but they may also be utilized as an alternative if your luggage starts to overflow, such as after a shopping excursion. Rainproof and lightweight daypacks are available.

10. Travel Pillow

The travel cushion is useful for lengthy flights or bus journeys, as well as camping and less-than-comfortable budget hotels. The Thermarest travel pillow folds up compact and is easy to transport, yet once unrolled, it is so soft that you may fall asleep anywhere.

11. Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Some hostels all across the world have inadequate insulation and beds. That’s why it’s critical to keep your own sleeping bag on hand at all times. There are sleeping bags that are so light that they will not add extra weight to your pack. When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, a sleeping bag may make all the difference, especially if you’re visiting somewhere chilly.

12. Packable Down Jacket

The packable down jacket is ideal since it is warm but not as bulky as other winter clothing. It’s compact and light, so it’ll fit inside your bag without adding weight. It’s adaptable, and may be worn as a summer layer, a fall or spring coat, or a winter layer.

13. Hiking Boots

It’s probable that you’ll spend your long-term journeys in your hiking boots. Long-term travel might include a lot of walking, so be sure you’re wearing shoes that are kind on your feet. Merrel offers excellent hiking boots that are robust, comfortable, fashionable, waterproof, and have excellent traction.

14. Waterproof Compression Sacks

Travel has been revolutionized by the use of compression bags for packing. It compresses your clothing, sleeping bag, and towel, expelling air to make them compact down smaller in your luggage. This will be the present that keeps on giving as you travel and buy at local markets, gathering items. These compression sacks are also waterproof, which is always a plus on a rainy day.

15. Purchase Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is required since you never know what can happen while traveling overseas. You’ll feel better if you’re covered, especially if you wish to step outside of your comfort zone when traveling – which you should!

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