Coca-Cola Y3000 was partially created by AI

Coca-Cola Unveils Mystery Flavor ‘Y3000’ with AI-Generated Twist

Coca-Cola, the iconic beverage giant, continues to innovate and captivate the taste buds of consumers, especially the younger generation, with its latest creation, Coca-Cola Y3000, a limited-edition beverage that promises to taste like the future. This enigmatic flavour, like others from Coca-Cola’s Creations platform, is designed to maintain the brand’s allure in the face of changing consumer preferences, particularly the shift towards healthier options.

Coca-Cola Y3000 blends the classic Coke flavour with a touch of the unknown, symbolizing the future in a sip. The beverage company utilized artificial intelligence (AI) to craft both the flavour and packaging for this cutting-edge drink.

In the quest to develop the elusive extra flavour note, Coca-Cola relied on human insights by discovering the flavours that people associate with the future. AI came into play to determine the ideal flavour pairings and profiles. The result is a unique taste designed to evoke the sensation of tomorrow.

The packaging for Coca-Cola Y3000 mirrors a Y2K aesthetic with vibrant bubbles, pink and blue hues, and a pixelated logo, all thoughtfully inspired by AI-generated images. The aluminium can proudly acknowledge its AI involvement, with prominent branding stating it’s “Co-Created with AI.”

Coca-Cola Y3000 comes in zero and full sugar varieties, available in the United States and Canada for a limited time, priced similarly to regular Coke.

As part of Coca-Cola’s Creations platform, Y3000 offers an immersive experience by connecting online engagement with real-life events and merchandise. Customers can scan a QR code on the Y3000 package, leading them to the Creations site, where they can explore what the future might look like in 977 years.

The launch of Y3000 also includes a limited-edition capsule collection in collaboration with luxury streetwear brand Ambush, set to be available on Ambush’s website in the coming fall. Coca-Cola has previously partnered with fashion brand Highsnobiety on a collection as well.

Coca-Cola’s Creations platform has introduced several limited-edition flavours, such as Coca-Cola Ultimate, tailored to gamers in collaboration with Riot Games, the publisher of League of Legends. Other flavours include Starlight, inspired by space; Dreamworld, described as tasting like dreams; and Byte, which boasts a pixel flavour. Coca-Cola has also teamed up with musicians Rosalía and Marshmello for unique, limited-edition flavours.

While the mystery behind the exact taste of these creations remains unsolved, Coca-Cola emphasizes that the flavour profile is predominantly Coca-Cola, with a 10-to-15% twist of something unexpected. These flavours are not intended to become permanent offerings, as CEO James Quincey expressed at the Redburn CEO conference last year, highlighting their role in engaging and intriguing consumers beyond traditional flavour variations.

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