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Dish Spotlight: Carne De Sol | Northeastern Brazil

A staple of Northeastern Brazil, carne de sol (lit. meat of the sun) – sometimes also called carne de sereno or simply jabá – refers to heavily salted, sun-dried meat.

Carne de sol is traditionally prepared with either beef or goat meat, and the origins of this centuries-old meat preservation method are attributed to the so-called sertanejos, cattle ranchers living in the vast, semi-arid Brazilian hinterlands.

However, despite the name, most modern-day carne-de-sol recipes don’t require the sun to dry the meat. It needs salt, brown sugar and time. The wait pays off as the result is meat with a strong flavor and smooth texture.

Today, carne de sol is a delicacy found all across the country and, if not grilled or cubed and used in various stews, it is typically served with coalho cheese and accompanied by a thick manioc gruel called pirão or boiled cassava.


  • Beef Rump Heart – 1Kg
  • Coarse Salt – 3tbsp
  • Brown Sugar- 1tsp
  • Bottle Butter


  • In a small bowl, mix the salt with the brown sugar.
  • Cut the meat into 4 large pieces and dry well with a paper towel. Place the pieces in a bowl and sprinkle with the sugar and salt mixture, spreading well with your hands to cover the entire surface.
  • Cover the bowl and keep in the refrigerator for two days. After the first day, open the bowl, drain the liquid that has formed and turn the pieces of meat over. Close it again and return to the refrigerator.
  • After the second day, transfer the meat to a roasting pan and leave uncovered in the refrigerator for another day.
  • Take the meat out of the refrigerator and cut each piece in half.
  • Place a large skillet over medium heat. When it is sufficiently hot, place as many pieces of meat as they fit, one next to the other and let them heat without stirring for about 1 minute without oil. Turn the pieces over with a spatula for an evenly browning.
  • Transfer the golden pieces to a plate and repeat with the rest. Once all the pieces are cooked, let them cool for a few minutes while you wash the pan.
  • Return the skillet to medium heat. Drizzle with bottled butter and return as many pieces of meat as possible in the pan again. With a spoon, sprinkle the meat with the hot butter for 4 minutes until the surface is brown. Take out the cooked pieces and repeat with the rest.
  • Let the meat rest again for 4 minutes before slicing. Serve with corn couscous and chili pepper.

Source: Taste Atlas | Travel Food Atlas

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