Erykah Badu and Beyonce

Erykah Badu Implies Beyoncé Emulated Her Style in New Album Artwork

Erykah Badu has once again hinted that Beyoncé may have drawn inspiration from her style for the alternate album cover of her upcoming release, “act ii: Cowboy Carter.”

Beyoncé unveiled the limited edition artwork on Wednesday, featuring a nude portrayal of herself adorned with a sash reading “act ii BEYINCÉ.” Sporting braided hair with beaded bangs and holding a lit cigar, the image drew comparisons to Badu’s distinctive aesthetic.

Taking notice of the cover, Badu shared it on her Instagram Stories accompanied by a pensive “Hmmm” caption. Additionally, she took to X (formerly Twitter) to address Beyoncé’s husband, Jay-Z, humorously urging him to intervene and address the perceived style emulation.

The crux of Badu’s contention lies in the similarity between Beyoncé’s hairstyle in the artwork and a look that Badu has previously worn. This isn’t the first time Badu has raised such concerns, as she previously called out Beyoncé for allegedly imitating her style with hats during her Renaissance Tour.

In response to Badu’s previous criticisms, Beyoncé made a subtle reference during a performance in Massachusetts, repeatedly mentioning Badu’s name in place of Lizzo’s during a song.

Scheduled for release on March 29, “Cowboy Carter” marks Beyoncé’s foray into the country genre, with promises of surprise guest artists and heartfelt themes. Beyoncé has expressed her hope that listeners can discern the passion and dedication she poured into every aspect of the album, hinting at a deeply personal and evocative musical experience.

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