Beyoncé and Post Malone

Beyoncé and Post Malone Collaboration Boosts Levi’s Stock Price

Following the release of Beyoncé’s collaboration with Post Malone on a country song titled “Levi’s Jeans,” Levi Strauss & Co. experienced a significant surge in its stock price, climbing by 20% on Thursday (April 4).

The song, featured on Beyoncé’s recent album “Cowboy Carter,” led to an immediate impact on Levi’s brand recognition, prompting the American clothing company to temporarily alter its Instagram name to reflect the song title.

Speaking on the notable boost, Levi’s chief executive officer Michelle Gass emphasized the brand’s commitment to remaining culturally relevant, stating, “Denim is having a moment, and the Levi’s brand is having a powerful moment around the world.”

Gass further highlighted the significance of Beyoncé’s nod to the brand, stating, “One of the things that really is significant about the Levi’s brand… is making sure that Levi’s brand remains in the center of culture.”

In addition to the collaboration with Post Malone, Beyoncé’s album “Cowboy Carter” also includes a cover of The Beatles’ iconic 1968 hit “Blackbird.” The song, a response to the racial unrest of the Civil Rights era, received praise from none other than Sir Paul McCartney himself.

Expressing his admiration for Beyoncé’s rendition of “Blackbird,” McCartney underscored the song’s continued relevance in addressing racial tensions. He commended Beyoncé’s interpretation and emphasized the importance of using music to promote understanding and unity in society.

McCartney’s endorsement further solidified Beyoncé’s impact not only as an artist but also as a cultural influencer, contributing to the ongoing conversation surrounding social issues through her music.

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