Harrysong and Alexer Peres

Ex-Wife Alexer Accuses Harrysong of Bedwetting Amidst Infidelity Allegations

In a heated public dispute, Alexer Peres, the estranged wife of singer Harrysong, has fiercely responded to his accusations of infidelity, which have dominated headlines.

Harrysong recently alleged that Alexer was unfaithful during their marriage, claiming she became pregnant by another man. He also expressed deep regret over their union, accusing her of emotional manipulation and extending the blame to her family. According to Harrysong, infidelity is a pattern in Alexer’s family, pointing out that her mother has been married seven times and still cheats.

Alexer vehemently denied these allegations. She clarified that her mother remarried only once after the death of her father, refuting Harrysong’s claims. She also demanded that Harrysong provide evidence to substantiate his accusations of her cheating.

Taking to Instagram, Alexer launched her own accusations against Harrysong, revealing personal details in a bid to defend herself. She claimed that Harrysong was a product of incest and still struggles with bedwetting.

“Do you all know that Harrysong bed wets? Yes, a celebrity who pisses in bed,” she wrote. “I also had to deal with this daily while calling him my lord.”

Alexer dismissed Harrysong’s assertion that she manipulated him into marriage, highlighting the absurdity of a 20-year-old convincing a grown man to marry her. She pointed out that Harrysong had previously claimed an ex-girlfriend used charms on him.

“You said I convinced you to get married to me? A 20-year-old girl, convincing a full-grown man to get married to her? Please make me understand, never knew I was married to a robot who couldn’t make decisions for himself,” she retorted. “Same you who told me your ex-girlfriend used charms on you.”

Alexer defended her mother, stating she only remarried once and is currently in a happy marriage with her dowry paid in full. She criticized Harrysong for projecting his insecurities onto her.

“My mum only remarried when she lost her husband, and she is happily married now. Since when did it become a crime for a widow to remarry? And what does ’till death do us part’ mean?” she questioned. “Pained soul, why are you trying to project your insecurities on me? We all know your mum gave birth to six children for six different men, none of whom she was married to. And you, a product of incest.”

Alexer also expressed her willingness to undergo DNA tests on their children to clear her name. Furthermore, she accused Harrysong of infecting her with various sexually transmitted diseases, except for HIV and Hepatitis B.

This public exchange continues to draw significant attention as both parties lay bare their grievances and counter-accusations.

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