Xbox and Boosteroid

You Can Now Play Xbox Game Pass Games Directly on Your Smartphone Thanks to Boosteroid

In a groundbreaking move, Xbox has joined forces with Boosteroid, a leading cloud gaming service, to extend the reach of Xbox PC games to a broader audience. Originally announced last year, this partnership has now culminated in the inclusion of a fresh lineup of PC titles on Boosteroid’s platform, including popular games such as “Deathloop,” the “Dishonored” series, “Gears 5,” “Ghostwire: Tokyo,” and “Pentiment.” The result? Gamers can now indulge in these titles directly from their smartphones and tablets.

To access these games on Boosteroid, players must first own the game through the Microsoft Store, which can be acquired via a PC Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, or through direct purchase. Subscribers to Boosteroid simply log in, select their desired Xbox game from the extensive library offered by the platform, and dive straight into gameplay. This innovative approach enables gaming across a spectrum of devices, ranging from PCs to smartphones and tablets, while also facilitating features like cross-play and cross-save compatibility with Xbox consoles and Windows PCs.

Boosteroid’s revolutionary technology empowers gamers to enjoy their favourite titles without the need for a high-performance PC or extensive storage space. By leveraging remote servers to run games and streaming them directly to user devices, Boosteroid opens the door for playing demanding games on more accessible hardware. All that’s required to harness the power of Boosteroid is a stable internet connection and a subscription to the service.

The collaboration with Boosteroid represents a significant stride in Xbox’s ongoing mission to democratize gaming and provide players with greater flexibility in where and how they engage with their favorite titles. This initiative is part of Xbox’s broader strategy to partner with various cloud gaming services worldwide, including EE, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Nware, and Ubitus, to enable seamless game streaming from Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda, and Activision Blizzard.

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